2.  Run an Installation Business

Are you passionate about purple martins?  Would you like to earn a part-time income installing our purple martin bird houses while building a huge affiliate program?  Below are the typical installation charges clients pay our installers for combo systems:

Combo Super Deluxe-12/18   $175

Combo K-18/24                        $200

Combo Super System-24        $250

Combo Gemini-24                   $300

Complete Troyer T-14             $300

Just purchase a Complete Combo System from this web site for your client. When it arrives, you go out and install the system for them.  It is up to you on how much you want to charge and how you want to take payment for the installation charges. Make sure you sign them up as an affiliate so they can also build their own downline of affiliates that will generate endless $50 Bonuses for you.  Everybody wins with this!!!

In order to become an affiliate, you must fill out and submit the "New Affiliate Form" within 60 days of purchasing a qualifying Combo System.  You will continue to be an affiliate as long as you have at least one new affiliate sign up with your phone number within 5 years of your last affiliate having signed up.  You can even pass this off to your kids and let them take over your affiliate business or sell it as an established business (call us with the email, address and phone number of the new affiliate).

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Troyer's Birds' Paradise Combo Systems Franchise Programs 1 & 2

1.  Referral Cash Program

Have you ever wished you could earn a commission for simply telling someone about a terrific product you purchased and then they went and bought one because of you?  Well, now we have a program that will pay you just for doing that simple referral.

Here is how it works.  Anyone who purchases one of our "Complete Troyer Systems" from this web site and fills out the below form will automatically become an affiliate. In the "Phone Number of Referring Affiliate" section they enter your phone number and you to get a credit.  At the end of every quarter, you get a check for all sales credits generated during that three month period. Really, it's just that simple.

As a bonus, every time the person you referred gets three more affiliates into the program, we will give you an extra $50 credit. WOW, that's money you get without ever having anything to do with those purchases - what we call "Mail Box Money".

Here is the credit value for each of the Complete Troyer Systems:

Combo Super Deluxe-12/18       $25

Combo K-18/24                           $30

Combo Super System-24            $30

Combo Gemini-24                       $35

Combo Troyer T-14                    $28

Fill in the below form after purchasing one of the above systems to become an affiliate. In the "Phone number of referring affiliate" you will need to enter the phone number of the affiliate who referred you to this program (if no one initially referred you and you want to join this program, please put "Not Referred" and you can start a completely new affiliate line of business and begin collecting your own reward credits).