Wood Duck Box  $79.95

Troyer's S & S Eliminator  $84.95

All Purple Martin Houses should have Predator Guards to prevent animals from climbing the pole and destroying your colony!!!

Deluxe Bluebird Set  $74.95

The NO ESCAPE Sparrow Trap  $139.95

45' Replacement Rope  $14.95

Shutter Door  6-Pak  $10.95

Pine Straw (Needles)

Bedding for your Purple Martins

Brake Wench         $72.95

Safely raise/lower your bird houses.

Ground Stake for 3" Pole   $65.95

Attracts Purple Martins to your yard by playing their bird calls

Guard For 2" Square Pole  $79.95

This trap will catch both sparrows and starlings. Made of Cedar w/ green poly roof and access door. All-Metal trap mechanism sets from front swing panel.

Troyer's Heavy-Duty Replacement Lids

Troyer Parts & Accessories

Place millet inside and watch the sparrows come in for the feast (and trap themselves).

All Items on this page include  FREE SHIPPING

Ground Stake for 2" Pole    $54.95

55' Replacement Rope  $17.95

EZ-Off Predator Guard

Made from Western Red Cedar and a Poly Wood Roof w/ netting on the inside for toe gripping.  Place 4-7 feet above any body of water.  Also used by Screech Owls.  9" Wide x 9.5" Deep x 29" Tall

Comes w/ 10' Tall Pole, Pulley System, 4 Feeding Trays & Top Perches

Supplemental Feeding Trays  $154.95

4-Pack for $11.95

Straw For 12 Gourds   $29.95

Purple Martin Decoy    $8.95

This door slides over the Troyer Tunnel to block anything from getting inside during the off-season.

Song Bird Magnet $59.95

55' w/ Pulley  $38.95

45' w/ Pulley  $35.95

Straw For 24 Gourds   $39.95

This system comes with a Poly-Tuf Bluebird House that NEVER needs painting, a 3/4" x 78" long aluminum pole and a 4" x 30" PVC pole guard - everything you need!!!

Guard For 3" Square Pole  $79.95

Andy Troyer's Hard Cover Book about his 25 years living and learning about Purple Martins

208 Pages with Over 250 Color Photos $26.95

Worm Gear Wench         $82.95

Use with a cordless drill to quickly raise/lower your bird houses.