This flashing light turns on automatically every night and mimics the reflection from the eye of a predator to scare off owls that want to raid your purple martin housing systems. Watch this YouTube Video to see how effective these are:

EZ-Off Predator Guard

Troyer Parts & Accessories

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For the  Extended 16' Pole

Ground Stake for 3" Pole   $104.95

Super Deluxe 12/18 Replacement Rope

Guard For 2" Square Pole  $129.95

Guard For 3" Square Pole  $129.95

For Our Standard 14' Pole

Shutter Door  6-Pak  $15.50

Attracts Purple Martins to your yard by playing their bird calls

Straw For 12 Gourds   $35.00

55' w/ Pulley  $51.00

Ground Stake for 2" Pole    $79.95

Pine Straw (Needles)

Bedding for your Purple Martins

Safely raise/lower your bird houses.  This is the safest hand-operated winch on the market because it automatically stops turning when you take your hand off the handle.

Andy Troyer's Hard Cover Book about his 25 years of living and learning about Purple Martins.  208 Pages with Over 250 Color Photos $28.00

Brake Winch  $110.00

All Purple Martin Houses should have Predator Guards to prevent animals from climbing the pole and destroying your colony!!!

45' Replacement Rope  $20.00

Deluxe Bluebird Set  $119.95

NO ESCAPE Sparrow Trap  $190.00

Song Bird Magnet $75.00

Supplemental Feeding Trays  $215.00

This system comes with a Poly-Tuf Bluebird House that NEVER needs painting, a 3/4" x 78" long aluminum pole and a 4" x 30" PVC pole guard - everything you need!!!

This trap will catch both sparrows and starlings. Made of Cedar w/ green poly roof and access door. All-Metal trap mechanism sets from front swing panel.

2' EXTENSION FOR 2" POLE  $70.00

Increase the height of any 2" x 14' square pole by 2' with this simple add-on extension. Max height should NEVER exceed 16'. Also, you will need the 55' rope.

4-Pack for $16.00

Place millet inside and watch the sparrows come in for the feast (and trap themselves).

​​Purple Martin Decoy $11.00

Worm Gear Winch      $125.00

Use with a cordless drill to quickly raise/lower your bird houses.

45' w/ Pulley  $48.00

Straw For 24 Gourds   $50.00

This door slides over the Troyer Tunnel to block anything from getting inside during the off-season.

Troyer's S & S Eliminator  $119.95

Troyer's Heavy-Duty Replacement Lids

55' Replacement Rope  $22.00

Comes w/ 10' Tall Pole, Pulley System, 4 Feeding Trays & Top Perches