Super System-24

EZ-Off Predator Guard


Super Deluxe-12 shown w/ Troyer Vertical Gourds on top & Troyer Horizontal Gourds on bottom :: The Super Deluxe-18 will have one more tier of 6 gourds.

Troyer Birds' Paradise Purple Martin House

Creative Universe Enterprises and Bird Abodes' SuperGourds have both been sold to Troyer's Birds' Paradise


US sales ONLY on this site (no Canada sales)

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Combo Super Deluxe-18

w/ Vertical Gourds   $1,630.00

Complete Troyer Purple Martin Bird House Gourd Rack Systems For Sale

These systems have everything you need to establish your colony!!!

Combo Super System-24

w/ Vertical Gourds   $1,300.00

Combo Gemini-24

Combo K-18

w/ Horizontal Gourds   $930.00


A snake can easily climb these poles and destroy all the hard work you have done to establish your purple martin colony (even in town).

Shipping cost included on ALL Combo Systems


Complete Troyer T-14 System

This T-14 is made of Poly-Wood (recycled plastic).  It stands up to the elements much better than wood.  Compartments are 6.5"W x 6"H x 11"L, each panel of doors opens from the front.  Includes the Troyer 3" Aluminum Pole System with all the T-14 mounting accessories & Brake Winch.​  Everything you need except the concrete.

Poly-Wood T-14 ONLY without pole or accessories:    $900.00

w/ Vertical Gourds   $1,630.00

w/ Vertical Gourds   $895.00

w/ Vertical Gourds   $1,530.00

w/ Horizontal Gourds   $1,595.00

Troyer T-14 Poly-Wood Purple Martin Condominium

w/ Horizontal Gourds   $1,695.00

w/ Horizontal Gourds   $1,175.00

Combo Super Deluxe-12


Combo K-24

w/ Horizontal Gourds   $1,350.00

Complete Troyer Pole & Gourd Systems

Includes the Troyer Pole System, Gourds of your choice, Sparrow Trap, Purple Martin Decoy and EZ-Off Predator Guard.

Complete T-14 Combo Price Shipped to Your Home:  $1,400.00

w/ Vertical Gourds   $1,125.00

Anyone wanting to mix Horizontal & Vertical Gourds on a Combo System will need to order their system w/ Horizontal Gourds and call to let us know how many of each style gourd you want us to send with your system: 512-825-4712

w/ Horizontal Gourds   $1,695.00