Troyer now owns and manufactures James Hill's SuperGourd design. This large round gourd now comes with a porch and heavy-duty lids.

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THGC   4-Pack     $135.00

TVGC   4-Pack    $119.00

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Troyer-Haskel Tunnel Sparrow Trap

This trapping system fits both styles of Troyer Gourds and is simple to use.  Just block the entry tunnel with the metal hoop (fits through hole in tunnel) and set the trap door over the top as shown.  The next time the sparrow goes into its nest, it will trip the trap door and lock itself inside the gourd.  Put a plastic bag over the entry and lift the trap door up through the bag for easy removal of the trapped sparrow.

  THTT Sparrow Trap      $14.95

TVGC  12-Pack $350.00

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Troyer's Birds' Paradise Purple Martin Bird Houses For Sale

Horizontal & Vertical Purple Martin Bird House Gourds

Troyer Horizontal Gourd

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Troyer Vertical & Horizontal Gourds for sale!!!

SGCP   4-Pack    $134.95

This is Troyer's most popular purple martin gourd house that has set the industry standard for both safety and ease of use.  This tunnel gourd is 13" deep, thus making it impossible for predator birds (like owls and hawks) to reach into the back of the compartment and drag out the nesting martins.  All entry holes are Conley II to keep European Starlings at bay.  It also has a built-in sparrow trapping system (trap door sold below) that makes catching and removing these invasive birds a simple task.  The entry has an anti-wing entrapment guard that keeps the martins from pinning themselves in the doorway (a problem many other gourd manufacturers have).  There are drain/vent holes in the bottom of the gourds as well as detents at the top you can drill out to keep the martins cooler in the southern states.  Clean out at the end of the season is performed through the screw-off lid on the side (this also makes nest checks easier since you are looking down onto the nesting cup that is at the back to the gourd).  These gourds are made of ultra-violet protected polyethylene for many years of use in the sun.  Lastly, another benefit to using this soft plastic is that the gourd will not break even when hit with large hail stones.

THGC 12-Pack   $380.00

THGC 6-Pack     $200.00

Troyer Vertical Gourd

Troyer Super Gourd

SGCP   12-Pack    $379.95

TVGC   6-Pack  $185.00